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Friday, November 28, 2008

Second Product To Sell

I am bored waiting for the response of the website programmer. They are close until Monday for Thanksgiving. I am just waiting for my first 25 pages to be done and I will do the rest of my website. So while I am waiting, I have been searcing for the supplier for my second online store.

I am crossing my fingers but I think I have found a supplier for my second online store. If not, then I might start doing the product myself... lols.. I am so passionate to sell mineral beauty products. It was actually my first choice of products to sell on my fisrt online store but it is soooo hard to find a supplier for this products. So I decided to have fitness equipment to sell on my first online store since I found a supplier who offer flexible dropshipping program for first time online store owner like me.

Do you know how much people all over the world who are looking for mineral beauty products? Click the image for larger view!!

I wanted an online store for this product simply because I have a very sensitive skin. I am looking for a supplier with quality mineral beauty product to sell and I can personally use. I am using Proactive products and it is very expensive. But it works so well on my sensitive skin. I been buying my loose powder from them for CND$35.00. I found out that most of this brand name products are not really the one making their products but mostly small business owners. I can have or even make this loose powder and will only cost me about CND$3.00.

This beauty products is one of my business dreams. At least, I can make it come true through internet..lols.. I thought of looking for a supplier or direct manufacturer for this product and sell it on my online store. But I found out that most of the manufacturers of this products are small business owners and most doesn't know about dropshipping to widen their business market. Most of the suppliers I have contacted are from USA and it is costly to dropship to Canada. I need to sell products with reasonable price so I try looking for a supplier in Canada.

I found out that there is not much supplier of this product in Canada. There are mineral beauty products in Canada, but most are very expensive because or the brand name and imported from USA or UK. Even if I found online stores for this products, the price are very expensive which means that they are not the manufacturer of the product.

While I am searching for a supplier for this product, I came across with one website that shares her free tips on how to make this product. I found out that it is not hard to make this product. It can be fun and a cheap investment. I can imagine how much money I can make if I will make my own product to sell online.

I will actually start to make bath and body products for myself to start with. I ordered the 5 ingredients. I am just not sure about one ingredient to order so I need answers from the author so I can pursue the order. Making one will not take so much of my time, which I really love. Just mixed it and ready to use. It's cheap and very natural. I can't wait to get the ingredients and use it myself. Then I will try the rest of the recipe on my next order.


Bill said...

Wow two stores already it sounds like you are doing very good. I wish you lots of sucess. Did you get the info i put on one of your sites about host gator?

Tey said...

I hope to have two so I can work with them at same time Bill

Felicia said...

Woh...good work Tey...keep going..i wish you should find a good supplier soon....

Tey said...

Thanks Felicia, I hope everything will be inplace this year