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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Learning While Waiting

Yay, since last Friday, there is only one supplier of the product that I really really love to sell on my online store, responded to my application. But they don't do individual shipping because they are wholesaler. I will ask if they have distributors that I can contact. I will keep their records for now since they have only limited types of products.

On the other hand, the suppplier of second choice product that I want to sell responded and I have one more form to complete and the business will start rolling.

I am not yet done with the Merchant Bootcamp DVD and I know I have a lot more things to learn before going further. I guess I will give it another one week for the suppliers of the product that I really want to sell, to response on my inquiry before pursuing to my second choice product. While waiting, I will take my time learning everything that I need to learn.


Prettymom said...

wow you got an online store? Good luck this endeavor sis. byw got something for you in this link http://www.prettysinglemom.com/2008/11/pink-sisterhood-tag.html

Tey said...

Thanks Rose, I will be on your site soon

Catrina said...

ol marketing is pretty risky tita..

Tey said...

Hi Catrina,hahhaha, It is risky if you will invest some money. I dont have to pay anyone unless I have received the payment from the customer..