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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happiness For His Failure

Another busy night at work. Everybody is talking about a person whom I had some bad work arguments before. Some say that he was pressured and can't do the job that's why he was asked for forced resignation, some say he has find a better job, etc blablabla. But whatever it is, I believe it wasn't a voluntary resignation. But who am I to judge?

I know right form the very start, he will never succeed because of his arrogance. I never prayed for his failure. But to be honest, I feel happy for his failure although I know that I shouldn't despite of what he and his wife did to me. But this is what I am feeling right now. "IT WAS ONLY LESS THAN A YEAR FOR HIS PROUD ACTIONS. IT DIDN'T TAKE LONG FOR HIM TO FAIL. GOOD FOR HIM...HE DESERVE TO FAIL..!!".

But I pray deep in my heart, that when I woke up, my happiness for his failure is not in my heart anymore.


Bill said...

I know Tey it is so very hard to forgive somebody after what they have done to you. I still struggle with that one myself.

Tey said...

I am feeling okey now and don't think about his failure but I never felt sorry for him