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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Excited To Launch My Website

Looks like a lot of my online buddies are excited to see my online store.. Hmmm.. I was calling the customer service for three times already, to re-schedule the appointment for my programmer who will build my online store, but I can't reach them. While I was waiting for the for the programmer to arrive, I was looking around the different supplier's website of the product that I want to sell on my online store.

I got excited and I was able to rather all the images that I want to see on my future online store. The chat online support told me that I dont have to worry about the description of each products because the supplier will send it all to me to put on my website. I just need to edit some words and sentences for the search engine optimization.

I hope to launch the website before Christmas and I am so freaking excited to start the marketing of my online store. I love the products that I am going to sell and I am definitely the first one to buy on my online store. I will be posting the technical part of my online store creation on my blog Array of Hopes


famous said...

hi there,

this is irish from creative thoughts. i have a new entertainment site, and i added you on my list. Can we link exchange? hope you would add me back.
please let me know if you do.

famous circle

Imelda said...

i am excited on this, too sis. btw, i have a new site coming in circulation maybe tomorrow. it is www.mydailybusiness.net. Hope ul be the visitor , tey.

Tey said...

Sure Famous, I will be on your site soon

Tey said...

Of course Imelda, I will visit you as ften as I can. My pleasure