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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Approval From One Supplier

Yepey!!! I have the approval of one supplier of my second choice product to sell on my online store. I was able to access the whole sale price of the products and the projected income I will get for each product.

I will now start getting some images I need to use on my header and images for my logo. I will also start gathering some of the detailed information and images of the products I want to appear on my homepage.

Most of the suppliers of my first choice product to sell don't do individual orders within Canada. So I need to invest some money to buy the product myself for a wholesale price, do the individual packaging and ship the product to my customer by myself. Nahhhh, too much work for me. Although, one supplier has a minimum wholesale order of $50.00 to ship here in Canada. I can afford that but I will probably step into that process once I learn the real flow of this business. I will still continue to search for a supplier of my first choice product and keep their records for now for my second online store sometime next year... if my first online store will be sucessful.

I am so freaking excited to see even the printscreen of my online store homepage. I hope my hard work will be payed off.

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