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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Online Store Suppliers

I am pissed with the website programmers customer service. They are located in USA and I need to call them long distance only to keep me waiting on the phone. GRRR!! I emailed them since Friday and if I didn't email them three times today, I will not know that I need to complete few more details.

So I have completed the details on the website. They will now submit the detailed informations to the website programmer and start building my online store website.

While I am waiting for the website to be build, I have been shopping around the internet to find some products for my next online store. Although I haven't started my first online store, I really think that this is a better way to make money online since you are in control of your business. I have been blogging for more than one year and I have observed how online business goes on the internet. Unless you are very very lucky, then you can be rich on this business. But for most of the internet money makers, one website will not be enough to target good amount of income but decent enough for an extra money.

Beside, I dont have money to start my own business in real life. And having an online store which require small investment, will make it all come true. My first online store is about fitness. I am so eager to have an online beauty store so this has been keeping me busy lately. I trying to find a direct supplier who can give me almost the same flexible deal as the supplier of my first online store.

I have contacted and received response from one manufacturer about music products, but I just need few informations on their wholesale and retail price. Most likely, I will have 3 online store before the end of 2009. So if you know a direct manufacturer or supplier of musical instruments and mineral makeup/beauty products, feel free to contact me.

1 comment:

gbeth said...

hi sis, it's not really an online store im running. just posting pics online so people would have an idea how the things im selling look like.