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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking The Bus For Work

It's pretty tiring to take the bus everyday because I am about 3 hours short for blogging when I got home from work. But I have no choice because the doctor said not to drive for at least two weeks. Although I like taking the bus as I can take a litte nap and I can take a long walk from the bus stop. It's a good exercise for free..lols.. Not to mention the fact that I can save gas for doing this. I drive my car at least 2 to 3 times week to cope up with my blogging routine. But I guess I will be a little behind updating my blogs until next week. I hope and I will try my best to cope up with everything including my personal life. I actually have less opps and everytime I open my dashboard, it makes me feel bad seeing how much money I missed for the day. Oh well, my health is more important. I really need to take a rest. Have a great day to all !!!!


Imelda said...

yeah ur right sis, your body's health is more impt.

Get ok soon, sis.

Tey said...

Thanks Imeda, Take care of your health too..