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Monday, August 11, 2008

Backlinks Keeps Going Down

The number of Technoratti Authority of this blog keeps going down and I just dont know why. The Google Backlinks are also going down. Geee!! It's really confusing. But that's okey, because this is what I have been waiting for. To keep this blog as just my personal online diary. I have other sites with PR and they are starting to give me few bucks already. So this blog needs some rest...lols..

I am just sad the my Health Blog lost it's PR. I wish that Google will give it's PR back. I am thinking of purchasing a custom domain for my Health Blog if Google wont give it's PR back on the next PR update. I still have to see since it's going to be a lot of work if I do that. I have to do another campaign for it's new URL.

1 comment:

Imelda said...

I admire ur stamina in maintaining many blogs sis despite ur busy work schedule.