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Friday, August 29, 2008

Other Options To Earn More

Huh!!! I need more opps because I spend a lot of money today for my kids stuff for school. And I will spend more tomorrow for our long weekend getaway in Niagara Falls.

I thought of keeping some of my sites to exclusively take only tasks from PPP. But lately I realized how hard it is to catch good fishes from PPP especially if you are not a full-time blogger who can always stay infront of the computer, to wait until they start giving out tasks. So I thought of logging in to my account to some of my sponsors and I am happy that I am earning some money where I expected it to make from PPP. it's good to have other options.

I like taking task from PPP because most of their tasks require only one link. I really think that this is how reviewing products and services should be. One link to direct your readers to the website that will give them more informations about the advertiser's products or services. But then I need money so I have to take tasks from other sponsors that require more than one link. However, I am happy that all the tasks that they offer are very relevant to the content of my blogs. So way to go!!!.. I just try to limit taking too much since it is really slowing down the crawling which affects the targetted traffic of my sites and perhaps, can be the cause of the PR, to be stripped down.


Imelda said...

Extra income is inviting. its a hard earned money, we sleep late to earn it. good u have adveetisers, now too so way to go for more money.

BTW, my sons ages are 13 and 12. the elder is the one who joined the band but quitted.
Dropped u an EC, pls drop on mine, too. Thank u, Tey.

Tey said...

Thanks for the thoughts Imeda..

Laki na pala ng mga anak mo.. alomost my twin girl's age..Mine are both 10 years old.

Anonymous said...

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Tey said...

Thanks for the comment Tanveer

kunthanrajan said...

hi tks for the comment on my blog..yar..u have a cool look blog..it loads..fast....nice work..do vist my blog..once in a day.i will to visit..urs...bye...tc

Tey said...

sure Kunthanrajan, I will try my best to visit as often as I can