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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sorry For The Mistakes

I feel so bad everytime I am having a reject task from any of my sponsors. I am trying my best not to make a mistake but sometimes I am so in a hurry to finish one task so I can take more.. Greedy me!!!..lols.. I thought everything is doing quite well and I am not having any rejects tasks lately, but yesterday, I received another email notifying me that one of my post was rejected because of grammar errors... lols.. Looking at the post, I guess it's more on spelling errors.. So I have to edit it and re-submit it after. Then I have to wait for another couple of days for the post approval.argg!!!

I can't blame anyone because it was my fault for not checking any mistakes before submitting. I was actually not feeling very well when I did that post on this blog and probably forgot to check any mistakes before submitting it. I guess I have to try harder not to make any mistakes next time. Now I have about 8 pending tasks waiting for the approval. Probably why, I don't have any tasks lately on any of my blogs. Well what can I say but SORRY!!..

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