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Saturday, August 9, 2008

How Do You Make Money Online Tag

I am the author of this tag and I am inviting everyone to join to increase our backlinks and hopefully our Page Rank on the next round of PR update.

---Start Copy---


1. Copy the code of the image Here!. (please don't change the code, otherwise you wont be listed on my list).

2. Simply make a short article about how did you start making money online.

3.. If you are not making money online, just share your honest thoughts and opinion about people who are making money online.

4. You can tag as many as you can.

5. When you're done, add your link. Here!! Please leave the post URL of the tag on the comment. This tag's link update will end on August 30, 2008. So grab the chance of being link on this PR#3 blog.

6. You can also add your other site/blogs but make sure to post this tag on each.

Money Makers; Walk Through Money Online Journal/ Blogger's Recollection/ My Daily Thoughts/ Your Link here!!

Author's Reminder:

Let us see how our backlinks will increase. The more backlinks we have the more chances of getting higher Page Rank. Please note that I will do the link update of this tag during Saturday and Sunday only. As long as you did everything right, I will surely give your site my linky love. I will try my best to do some update during the weekdays whenever I can. So please be patient

---End Copy Here!---

Short Article:

I started making money online last August 2007 when one of my online buddies ask to sign up with PPP. Unfortunately my very first blog was denied since it was only less than 2 months old at that time. SponsoredReview's site's minimum age requirements at that was only 2 weeks old. I earned $8.00 for the very first time by blogging. Since then I never stop my journey in learning different ways on how to make money online. I have received my very first check with Google Adsense last week. Way to go money makers.

Tagging everyone on my blogroll.

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