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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surprise Tasks

All my new blogs and domains have good ranks. This made me realized how prolific PPP really are in advertising. Even those blogs that I never expected to be able to grab some task are now giving me some extra bucks through PPP. I never expected that there are so many tasks that I can take for my Celebrity Entertainment Blog and still be able to keep it optimized. I actually created my Celebrity Blog just for me and my kids' fun of celebrity gossips and news. I just thought of registering it to PPP just in case that there are some relevant contents that I can take. Surprisingly, there are many!! However, I wasn't able to grab more tasks this week as I should, because my time on the internet is very limited. Aside from my work, I was busy attending to some personal matters. My busy days will still be up until next week but I will try my best to keep everything up. I just hope that I can keep the good ranks that I receive from the Searh Engine since this is where the money is coming from.


Outback-Pinay said...

Hi sis just passing by. Just like you I love PPP because I can earn money just by staying home.


Tey said...

Thanks for the visit Yums