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Monday, August 4, 2008

Money With Google Adsense

I am so happy to share on this site about my very first paycheck from Google Adsense. Now I can consider myself a certified Google Adsense earner...lols.. It wasn't easy and it wasn't that fast to be able to receive this amount. To be honest, I earned this amount since I started blogging publicly on August 2007 and that is almost one year now. Call it carzy but I really treasure this from the bottom of my heart.

My Google adsense earning gets better ever since my Health Blog started to have a good index positions on the SERP search. However, my earnings started to fall down recently, when the Page Rank of my Health Blog was pull down for some reason. But for a couple of days now, I am starting to recieve a good number of clicks on my Google Adsense. And from the amount of each click, I can determine that it's coming from my Business Contents website. It was just a guess because it's hard to determine where the clicks are coming from since I have multiple sites on one account. I can only tell from the age and traffic of my site.

It's been a challenge for me and I am still eager to learn more on how to increase my Google Adsense earning. I can only share my experience on how I made this amount. If you want to make money through Google Adsesne, simply put the code on your website. Create a relevant content site with useful, unique and fresh content. For every ten visitors, I have about 1 to 3 clicks on my Google Adsense on my relevant content sites. I am now trying to learn how to increase targetted traffic to increase my Google Adsense sales.


Imelda said...

thanks for the info sis.

Pia said...

that is so wonderful!!! congratulations!

Zee said...

Congratulations for your first check......and being a certified google payee... :-)



Tey said...

Thanks Pia

Tey said...

Thanks Zee

molly said...

Wau, that's real ya. Is only one cent per click and you can get so much, there must be many people clicking, am I right?

Tey said...

Not really, I usually get about 0 to 3 clicks lately. As I've said it's almost one year earning, I just hope, to be shorter this year