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Friday, August 15, 2008

Just For Fun and Few Money

My income online doing PP is so low this week. I sometimes hate it whenever PPP showed me qualified tasks and takes soooo much time to reserve it then all of a sudden, all are taken already. It's not really fair. I hope PPP will update their system on this since it's wasting too much of my time.

I don't blame bloggers to take all the tasks that are being offered to them. With this economic crisis we are all experiencing, everyone must grab whatever opportunities that will come along. However, it's good to be aware with some of the reasons why most of site's PR are being pull down. Consider this blog as one of those site whose PR was recently stripped. I wasn't actually surprised when the PR of this site was pull down since I do a PP on this site as well. But I didn't do too much, probably why it wasn't considered as SPAM. I also work hard for it's backlinks to cover up those open links I created doing PP. I dont really mind to loose PR of this site since I have my other sites to do it for me.

I am still worry to take all the tasks being offered to any of my sites, so I only take good tasks that I am qualified to make. I am still observing how this business really goes and until now, I still can't consider quiting my full-time job for this blogging for money. Just something to have fun with and make extra money from it.


reanaclaire said...

hi, i understand how u feel cos i experienced the same thing too with PPP. whenever i click, it said reserved eventhough it was not in the 1st place. i havent been doing any ppp for more than a month now, it seems the opps are not there anymore.. anyway, i hv done 5 so far only...how about u?

Tey said...

I have done over 100 posts with PPP but this includes my other sites and domain. I try to limit taking tasks on each of my blog as this effect Search Engine traffics