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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Recipe Book of My Products

I got the recipe book for some of the products that will be included on my second online store. I started reading the first few pages and it's an awesome book. I will see if I can start doing my first product this week and order some of the ingredients. I am so excited to make all the products on the recipe book and try it all. But as I have been always saying, my time is very limited.

I am so curious to try the facial mask recipe for oily skin and see how it feels. I might buy the car essential oil diffuser and some of the essential oils to use at home. I am so interested to try doing the healing bath recipe. I love pampering myself during the weekend that's why I love all the products that will appear on my second online store.


Marly said...

Hello Tey. I have completed the recipe of the facial mask for oily skin, I would like to try it because my face is oily :)
By the way, I removed some clutters in my website :) Thank you for the advice friend.

Bill said...

sounds like you are cooking up success to me.

Tey said...

Sure Marly, Once I am done on my website (which I think for a while) then I will let you know

Tey said...

I really hope so Bill