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Monday, December 8, 2008

Free Samples

I am finally done on my blog hopping. I am supposed to spend one hour navigating my online store software but I have to go to my dentist for dental cleaning. I need to be familiar with the software so I can easily update my online storefront whenever I have to add new product.

One of my online buddies was asking me for free sample of my products. Haahahaha, she read my mind,.. yeah I will be giving away free samples everytime I launch new product on my online store. I will also give away free samples on the launching day of my online store. So watch out for it... However, you have to pay for the shipping and handling. I will try to find out the price for International shipping before I launch my online store.


LinGZ.spot said...

hi.. just recently addedyour sites at mine... hope u could do the same at my two sites..

Tey said...

I will be on your site soon Lin