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Monday, December 29, 2008

Ready To Send The Shipping Rules

At last, the vacation of the website programmer who is working on my online store website is done and today I will send her the shipping rules that I made and hopefully, my online store website will be done before the end of the week. I have a lot of changes to do on my products but I will just do it myself when I can access my account.

I want to order some of the ingredients that I will need for my mineral lipstic and eye makeup products. Also, I need to do some changes I made on the flavor and scent I made from my hair care products. My kids said it needs more scent. But both my suppliers are all close and will be open next year. Arg!!!! Well at least I am enjoying the mineral makeup that I made. I honestly love it and all the products that I will sell on my online store.


Imelda said...

wow, make one that will suit for women and with kind of temp in the philippines.

Tey said...

Thanks Imelda, I will try my best to set up a shipping to the Philippines because I have a lot of friends there of course.