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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy with The Products

On my second trial to make a personalized color for loose mineral foundation, I was able to create a perfect tone for my sensitive skin. Me and my kids had fun playing around with the kit. I am so happy that I can save a lot of money with my beauty products. I love my products and I can't wait to start marketing them.

The website programmer who was assigned to do the first 25 pages of my online store wwebsite is on vacation until Monday. So I guess this is another pending days to finish my online store website. But that's okey because I also need to do a lot of work on my products. I was able to create some personalized images for some of my products. I also need to make some conditions to be installed on the software regarding the shipping policy from UPS Canada.

Arggg, a lot of work but I am trying to keep positive about. I don't want to rush things and end up on a big mess. I want to take time on this since I am still working on a lot of thing. For the meantime, I want to have fun playing with my beauty products. I love my mineral makeup. It's so perfect for my sensitive oily skin. I will posting some of the images that I finished one day at a time on my Embracing Health For Life blog domain..... Merry Christmas to all!!


shengy said...

merry christmas gurl..mwahh

ShedLife said...

how u doin' today?? wish you good health and happiness..merry christmas

Tey said...

Thanks Shengy and Shed