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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giving Them The Chance

I will give OnlineStores.com's programming department a chance to do my website. The first website programmer who was assigned to do the first 25 pages of my website sucks, so I requested for another website programmer. So a new website programmer called me the other day and asking me on what do I want to see on my website. I told her, I would like to do it myself because they keep me waiting and not answering my emails. She emailed me again today to let me know that she is still willing to do my website, so just let her know if I change my mind. So now I am working on the descriptions of all the products and everything that I am expecting to see on my website.


Bill said...

What happen Tey are the trying to mess you around? If you paid them to do it then i would make them do it the way you want.

Tey said...

I thought about that on the first website programmer but I think this one is not Bill