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Monday, December 1, 2008

Products That I will Sell

I already placed an international order for the starter kit ingredients and equipment that I will need to start making my own product. Doing the product is easy however, I need to experiment the colors that I want. I am so excited to do it so I payed a special delivery. I will receive it within 6 to 10 days. I ordered only those ingredients that I can't find a supplier in Canada.

Tomorrow, I will pick up the book that I ordered to my supplier here in Canada ( about 15 minutes away form our house). So I can start learning some of the products that I will include on the my second online store. I am more excited to sell the product of my second online store because this is what I really want personally. Me and my family will be using it so I don't mind if it will sell good or not.

The first few products that will appear on my second online store are mostly for my skin type and my personal choice, because I will be creating it for myself FIRST. Then slowly start adding for other skin type. Once I am done making my first product, I will start building the website and slowly add products. Once I completed one set of beauty product category, I will start working on it's marketing strategy that I learned from the seminar.

Since it will take a while to learn the process of creating my own product and complete a set of product category, I though I can start from dropshipping program to start with, on my first online store. This way, I will learn how things go in dropshipping program. I will be working on marketing my first online store during my Christmas vacation while I am learning and completing the product category for my second online store. If my first online store won't work in six months, I will shut it down and concentrate on my own product.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

I'm excited and curious to see what you are going to sell online. Just don't count on me to buy anything yet he,he,he *lol*. I have not earned yet even a single cent from blogging. I hope you will succeed in your latest endeavor my friend. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Tey said...

hahah I wil let you know Mel.. Ikaw pa