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Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Blog Due To Boredom

I had a terrible back and shoulder pain yesterday that gave me a terrible headache. I guess because I have been blogging too much!!!! lols!!!.. The whole day I am infront of the computer... geee!! I wish my life will always be like this. But unfortunately, I have to go back to work on June 2.. So I have to take advantage of the time working on my new blogs while I still have the time.

Due to my boredom while my computer don't want to talk to me anymore because everyone was sleeping already, I created another blog... lols.. Didn't plan to make a new blog this soon. But as I've said, it's due to my boredom...You can visit my new blog, Blogger's Recollections.. I am supposed to make it as a paid domain but I changed my mind. I will probably buy a new domain when all my new blogs are all set up. Just a few blogging thoughts.


rksistu said...

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Tey said...

Thanks for the info rksistu.. Ill take a look on that

Lyn2x said...

take it easy..Tey..Me even if I got lot offers I don't grab them all. I need to relax.

Tey said...

Hi lyn2x..I do the same Lyn, it's just that I am trying to do as much work to new new blogs before I go back to work