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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Few More Cents

Weee, few more cents and I can reach the minimum payout of Google Adsense. I am excited to receive a paycheck from Google Adsense. I hope to reach the amount before the end of the month. The money I am making from Google Adsense is far lesser than what I am making from taking opps. But everytime I made a few cents a day from my Google ads, it means so much to me. Because it is not easy to make money from Google Adsense. It takes time, learning, experience and a lot of effort in making relevant, unique and useful contents.


123 said...

You are right there... i have very little earnings yet from adsense while i already receive one payout from bidvertiser... but it was not so big either.. It's not so much of a money from all these ads, yet they are passive income so it still feels so good if we do earn.

Just love sharing my thoughts...:)

Take care and best regards,
ABC Bloglearner

Tey said...

But I really find Google Addsense Fun as well because it challenges me.. Thanks for dropping some lines 123

Anonymous said...

I wish i am as patient with google adsense but i'm just not, good that you will received some from them soon:)

Tey said...

Hi Del, it's frustrating sometimes to earn money with Google Ads, good thing that it's not the only way to make money online