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Monday, May 5, 2008

Exchanging Link Campaign For New Blogs

I am too busy for my new blogs exchange link campaign...hoooo!!! Gosh, I didn't know that this is going to give me too much work.. But it's ok, I love having new set of friends...I might not be able to do my regular article submissions since this exchange link campaign is making me work for more than an hour on the internet.

Beside, I really think that blog hopping is more effective in getting backlinks and traffic than article submissions. You can only get a very minimal traffic on article submissions. Some article submissions site have "nofollow" tag, so you won't get any backlinks from them. I find Diggs very effective in getting targetted traffic Because Google is indexing the site regularly.

I will try my best to submit some of my articles while I am on vacation. But right now, blog hopping and exchanging links is more important for my new blogs. Blog Directory submission is also important, so I will definitely need to spend some time on this aside from exchanging links campaign.


Florence said...

sis, na linked na kita. exchange links is a big help talaga sa technorati natin sis. one of my blogs meron ng 700 links, ayun naka 800 na ako sa technorati. Pagmataas ang technorati natin may advantage sya sa mga opps. Like reviewme.

I have also noticed kahit nasa blogging lang tau but I can sense bloggers who are high pride na ayaw makipag exchange links, they will wait lang kung kung sino ang who will ask first. Look, shes been blogging for 2 years na pero ang technorati ay 20 pa rin. Kunti lang kase ang backlinks.

Kailangan malaki din ang pasesnya natin pag makipag exchange links. May ibana naman makipag exchange links, very demanding naman. hay nakow...

Tey said...

Hi Florence I will sure link u up.. I have a lot of good and bad experience in exchanging links.. I actually trying to limit kasi yung iba, they are deleting the link which is so unfair...I hope to have good online relationship with you..