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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So Glad To Delete Them

I am so at peace now on my facebook, since I deleted some of the people I know from high school days. It's so creepy to witness those obvious stupid gestures of intimidation, jealousy and enviousness from one another. Knowing that one is trying to intimidate the other of some material things, while the other will try to post something to save her ass from being said not to be successful on having those material things.

The other will post some pictures trying to tell everybody about her stupid day to day life, that including the food that they cook and eat for the day will be posted.. GEEEEE WHAT FOR?!!!!

Those comments that are obviously trying to tell the world how stupid kind of life they have. They don't have work so they have time to gossip on the internet. I am so glad they are gone now!!

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