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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lockers At The Gym

I was so busy yesterday processing some orders. I had to do one rush order because I wasn't able to received the order notification. The customer have to contact me to let me know about the order, so I have to pick up the ingredients to my supplier's warehouse and ship it right away.

My schedule and my mind is really out of my online business anymore. I am more focus on my family, God and on my health. However, this is not the reason for me to stop what I have started. I am still hoping that someday, I can focus on working on my business again and perhaps do more advertising. For the meantime, I will do my best to ship all orders that I will recieve.

After I shipped the orders yesterday, I went to bed right away so I will have enough sleep and rest to prepare by body to run at the gym. And I am glad I was able to wake up early and run at the gym.

I am a little bit annoyed with the set up of the dressing room of our gym at work. They need to provide their members their own Locker for safety purposes. They don't have to buy a lot of Lockers, but at least 3 t 5 Lockers will do for their members who are presently using the gym.

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