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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

She Is Prettier

I feel so good to open my fb account now. No more annoying pictures and stupid conversations while they can talk about it privately on chat. They are too old to act like this. And the pictures are so annoying. Mga kulang sa pansin!!

I guess it is because they have nothing to do with their boring life. So the responses that they are getting from they so called FRIENDS, for their pictures, fills up their empty boring lives.. Well I cannot say "pretty" if I don't find it pretty. I can't say "sexy" if I find it not sexy.. It's a big hypocrisy for them and to myself..

Funny but she was so pissed when I said "pretty" to her biggest competition. Well, it's because she is really pretty.. Prettier than her!! I don't find her pretty at all.. Well she used to, but things changed... She just have light skin and that doesn't make anyone pretty. If you are pretty, you are pretty whether you're in tan or light, or fale color... hahahahha!! Well sorry, I am not a liar and I will not say anything against my will..hahahah

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