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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Buying and Selling The Car

The night is getting longer and colder. Winter season is the time to make sure that my car is in good condition. That's why I always check engine light specially that I am working on night shift.

I just brought my car to the auto repair shop that I always go to, but I didn't asked them to do the winter season check up because I want them to do it on December since we are a little bit short of budget. Me and hubby were also thinking of changing the tire to a winter tire for safety purposes, but then we realized that the financing contract of our present car will end soon.

We are then thinking of selling our present car and buy a new small car with more economical gas consumption. We have been looking around and one of the car that we are interested in buying is a Toyota Camry. The one that I saw on the internet is an old model but it is still in a good condition. We are having a second thought of buying a second hand car.

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