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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Chores

I feel so free and just leaving everything to God. In my mind and in my heart, I will always pray that someday my hard work will be paid off and God will make it happen. I am still doing my regular work for my business, but I want my mind and heart to lose a little bit of so much passion and anxiousness.

I am busy relaxinf my mind watching Filipino TV shows. I have to catch a lot of thing on my house and I am planning to do it one day at a time. We spend about 5 hours at the church yesterday, praying and prasing him. And I hope God will understand if we will not attend the mass today.

I am just waiting for my daughters to wake and so we can start cleaning the house. I have done a thorough cleaning on our kitchen and the dining area yesterday, including the closet for the jackets. We will do the cleaning for the wholesahouse today and I will try to maintain it like I used to do before I was too much hooked up with blogging. I will try to catch at least one opps before I turn off my computer.

1 comment:

sweetham said...

i often feel that: leaving to God whatever it is that's in store for me. I feel secured with His presence.

God bless. xoxo