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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Reselling Inquiries

I have another reselling and mineral makeup making inquiries. I am so happy whenever I receive inquiries like this. I just wish that one day, one inquiry will turn into a business deal.

As I am always saying, most of this inquiries and subscriptions are coming from my blogs. Which of my blogs? Those blogs that have relevant contents, related to my products. I am using keywords to get the right traffic or visitors for my products.

I really need to include so many products on my websstore for these inquiries. I need to include larger size for each of my Mineral Makeups particularly the Mineral Foundation for those who are interested to resell my products.

I will also start including some the skin care cosmetic bases for those who are interested to make their own skin care products the easier way. All they have to do is add flavors and scent to make it their own. Ahhh I need time for these.

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