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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Beware of Spam Inquiries

Hubby is done with the wholesale prices of all our products, but I still have to enter all of them manually. I have so many household chores to do and I dont know when can I do it. I continously receive wholesale inquiries. I answer all of them but I only focus on USA, Canada and UK inquries. I hate to say this but, most of the inquiries from other countries is more on spams. So beware of this inquiries. You just have to use your instinct to know who are to beleive. No Money, No Deal. But so far, I have not closed any deal...lols.. But I know one day I will get it soon.


irish said...

i really do hope you get your big break on your online business. i know you have been working on it really hard. keep going

Prettymom said...

good luck to your new business venture,