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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Business Steps I am In

I am starting to work on the documents I will send to health Canada for my products. I will send some the documents I just finished. Sending this documents doesn't necessarily to get the approval from Health Canada. I am still responsible for the safety of my products. This is just for their records. It is exhausting to do all these documents. I will send all the documents that I can finish this weekend, by Monday.

I will be attending a Small Business workshop on Saturday. It only cost $16.00 and it's all worth for the guidance I will get from them. This is sponsored by Canada Enterpreneurs and I am glad there are programs like this.

I will wait for the response from Health Canada on how they see my products. While waiting for that, I will also be waiting for the ingredients for my Mineral Makeup. I am looking sometime May or June to start the offline marketing of my products. I might publish my products on the newspaper and see how will it go.

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