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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Website for Car Informations

My brother wasn't able to take his driving test last Monday because he was rushed to the hospital for kidney pain. He hasn't gone surgery yet, and it wont end to that. His appintment with the urologist will be tomorrow and I hope that everything will be cured through pills medication.

He have been wanting to pass the driving exam so he can buy a car. He and his family are having a hard time going around the area whenever they want to go somewhere. Me and hubby were not always available to drive for them and I really hope he can own his car soon.

He wants to buy either a brand new or second hand Honda Civic car so I told him to visit repairpal.com. I came acrosss their Los Angeles auto repair website page and this where I learned many beneficial informations about buying or selling old and new car. This is also where I learned the importance of knowing what and what not to do when changing the head gasket of your car.

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