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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Unpredictable Money In Blogging

I finally have some tasks to do for the following days. For a while, I was wondering why there is nothing much to work on my blogging business. And I am glad I finally received some.

Money in blogging is very unpredictable and definitely not stable. So if you really don't like blogging and just blog for money, you will end up frustrated if you don't recieve enough task that you need.

This is what happen to most of my fellow co-bloggers. They thought blogging is a good source of income so they start creating multiple blogs with the hope that their blogs will give them what they need.

1 comment:

Mhar's Display said...

Hi Tey. I agree. Some bloggers are getting...you know. Anyway, I do not blame them. They want extra income.

Yes, excited na ako. I am enjoying my pregnancy. But di maiwasan mag-worry din. Di bale, I'll be okay :)