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Monday, August 23, 2010

Maybe For Fun

I don't know if what I feel for someone is right. I really hope I am wrong about this feeling. I feel so uncomfortable with her but I don't want to show some hatred since nothing is so obvious. She is nice but I just don't feel it's genuine.

I just feel like she is trying to compete in some way or something and I really hate feeling this way to someone. Because I am starting to develop some negative awareness to the person.

Grrrrr, why do some people just can't be happy for themselves. Focus on themselves. Or maybe it is part of their insecurity to compete themselves to someone to boost their ego. Maybe now, yeah she won. But wait.... she might be wrong somehow... and who does she think will get an award for this unworthy competition that she was trying to put herself into.

Maybe I can take this as for FUN. Maybe I can play around. hmmmmm, I will try!!

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