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Monday, August 30, 2010

School Registration In Mississauga

I registered my kids at their school today. It was a nice Catholic School and I am so glad that there are only few students in their class. This mean that they will learn better since it's not crowded like in public school that they use to go.

I have to drop and pick them up because the school is pretty far from our house. But that's okey.. I just have to manage my time so I will have enough energy for my kids. I am so glad that we are now here in Peel Region of Mississauga and we are out of of the crowded city of Toronto.

I have a couple of low amount assignments from one of my sponsors and I am still thinking if I will grab them. or I might just hang it for a while until I confirmed that the big internet boss will not do it's round for this month.

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