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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Can't Resolve Some Issues

I did few changes on my online store and added some of the products. Beleive me it is exhausting!!!. I have few issues that I cannot resolve with regards to the shopping cart. The price of the products on sale is not going through the shopping cart and the images are too big when added on the shopping cart. I also would like to publish it and buy a domain, but I have few questions on the pricing before I do that. I need help from the chat support but unfortunately their are on holiday vacation.

I also need to complete the registration on UPS Canada so I can start testing the pick and delivery of the products. But unfortunately again, the person who is handling my account is on vacation until Monday.

Once I am done with the UPS Canada registration then I will buy the domain and test the ordering and shipping of my products. And then start submitting it to free directories. I like to try selling some of the products on Ebay and see how it goes there. I've seen too many related products on sale on ebay and I would like to try competing with them.

I am relying on the traffic from the search engines because this is where the money is really coming from, than ebay or any marketing sites. It will take time though and a lot of work while waiting. But I'll take it from here because there are still so much things to work on my products and my website.

Well folks, I will offer free samples soon!! I wish I had it all ready as my New Years gift but time didn't permit me to do so. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!

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