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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Getting Strong Backlinks

I only noticed now that one of my favorite blog's PR have drop down from #3 to #2. I guess this is the result of my negligence on getting solid backlinks at least 2 times a week as I have been doing, before I started building my online store. But I am glad that one of my PR#1 blog goes up to PR#2. I submitted that blog to one of the strong live directories last month and got listed after a week that why it's PR went up. On the otherhand, my PR#1 blog (Concealed Mind) stays on its PR because one of this directories rejected it because it didn't pass their standard. This only proves how powerful live directories are, with regards on getting baclinks. However, you must remember that most of these directories have their own standards. They usually list ony those site with quality or relevant content.

Anyway, I am almost done with the shipping system of my online store. I will be doing the real time shipping test this week to see if I am charging too much or too little. After that, I am done with all the hard part. Then I will go back to my normal regular blogging routine and resubmit my blogs to the search engines and live directories regularly together with my online store.

Right now I am trying to re-arrange the placement of keywords and keyword phrases of each pages of my Online Store. This is one good way to get good position on the Search Engine. Majority of targetted traffics are coming from the Search Engines. So if you want to get the Traffic that you really want for your website, think and learn on how to place your keywords and keywords phrases properly. Combine it with getting strong backlinks by submitting it to Search Engines and live directories regularly. It works!! I may not have PR on this site, but most of my blogs are. This blog sucks in SEO, so I don't expect this to get any rank at all.


Imelda said...

My PR3 dropped to PR2 ,too tey. Been neglecting it thats why. btw, i am happy for your other sites with increased pageranks. lets all work hard to upgrade them all.

Tey said...

Yeah I feel Bad Imelda