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Friday, January 23, 2009

Creating While Waiting

I tried advertising my products for free on Kijiji. This is one of the biggest online directory in Canada. There are few responses who are interested to get a samples. Most of the inquiries wanted to try my Mineral Makeups. Which means that my Mineral Makeup products will be the center of my product line. That is only a free space ads and I got responses. I wanted to get the Paid Advertising, so my website will be infront of their homepage for one week and see how it will go.

Unfortunately, the container for my Mineral Foundation is out of stock. So how the heck am I going to sell my Mineral Foundation? So I look around and found another supplier in USA, Florida that offers a cheaper price for all the ingredients that I use for my Mineral Foundation and Powders. Their shipping is much faster too but I made a mistake for ordering the right size for my Mineral Foundation. GRRRR!!!. The container are too small- the size of the containers are only good for my other Makeup products like concealer, Eyeshadows etc.... So I have to order again and wait for another 2 to 3 weeks before I can fully market my product. I cant market my website without the completed products.

But at least I can start creating other Mineral Makeup products now, like lipstick, Eyelines, Blush and concealers. And then slowly make and add the images and description on my website. I hope before the containers arrive, I am done with all the formula of other Makeup Products.

I love playing with the Mineral Makeup. I will create new formula for Mineral Foundation using the ingredients from this new supplier. Their service are better and they have more choices for different ingredients and colors. I am having so much fun doing this. Someday, I will teach a lot of women to create their own Mineral Makeup. I am so happy using my own created Mineral Makeup. For the very first time, I never saw a single blackheads on my nose...lols...

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