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Friday, January 2, 2009

Enjoying the Stress

I did a lot of changes on my Online Store and have been doing it for two days. It is exhausting. But at least, I am more comfortable navigating the software. I published it already so I can see how the density of keywords and keywords phrases. And also, I would like to test buying on the shopping cart. I will complete the UPS registration next week to test the shipping before I buy the domain. After that, I will start working on it's backlinks buy submitting to different free directories.

I realy think that the first and very important step on creating blog or website is by submitting it to directories. All my blogs are doing good because I worked hard submitting them to different directories. It's a strong backlinks once your site get listed.

This is going to be a long wait and long work again like how I started my blogs. It's even harder because I have some products to work on. But I am happy that I am getting there. At least I am NOT going to think on what's next to what and where and how, anymore because all are already in place!!.. Once my website have it's domain, the shopping cart and the shipping is working fine, all I have to do is work on some of my product's images and description and slowly put them on my online store. The pages are all ready. All I have to do it upload it. But believe me, it's very time consuming to put products. It's not as easy as in blogs because you have to put all the description and prices. Plus you have to make sure that the keywords and keyword's phrases are properly placed.

It's a lot of work and it is stressing but other than that, I am enjoying it specially when I look at my wesbite. I love looking at my website and most of all, I love my products!!

1 comment:

Mommy Rubz said...

looks like your new year looks bright!! ^_^

congrats to your new business. drop by me once its open so that i can browse around. ^_^