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Friday, September 12, 2008

Thanks For The Compliments

My heart is full of joy everytime I receive a compliment about my sites. Thanks for all the emails I am receiving saying how beautiful my sites are. Not to mention the compliments I am getting from my fellow bloggers. This makes me so inspired to continue blogging.

I am also very happy for all the emails from different advertisers who are interested to advertise on my sites including this one. I do apologized for those gambling related websites who are requesting for advertising on some of my sites, but I dont post or advertise those kind of services on any of my sites anymore. For all those who dont know about my other blogs, please feel free to leave a footprint on each of my site and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

General Content Blogs

My Daily Thoughts- My very first blog on public. Here I used to blog everything that goes inside my head and when I found out that I can make money from it, most of the topic that I post here are my thoughts as a blogger. Expect general topics but mostly about my blogging and my spiritual thoughts on this blog

Raptured Dreams- I like sharing my personal thoughts and make money from it. I thought of posting all my dreams, plan and hopes on this blog domain. So since most of dreams, plans, and hopes are about traveling and shopping, expect general topics but mostly about travel, vacation and online shopping on this blog domain.

Concealed Mind Expect general contents but mostly about my thoughts as a parent, friend, wife, daughter etc.. Expect my thoughts about relationships, culture and some governtment issues as well, on this blog domain.

Brief Sentiments- I never expect any PR or huge traffic or money from this blog but if I will be blessed again be given a chance to make money from it, I will be very very thankful. Expect my deepest thoughts and emotions on this blog. You will either hate me or like me on everything that I will post on this free account blog because this is where you will find the real thoughts I have on my daily existence.

Relevant Contents

Health, Fitness, Science-
My second public blog and I consider my experiment blog to make money with Google Adsense. I used to think of deleting it but after Google gave it a PR#2, I continue to post relevant content and now, I am getting most of my Google Adsense earnings from this blog. Although it's PR went down to PR#0, I am happy that I am still making few bucks from Google Adsense from this site.

Walk Through Money Online Journal- My very first paid domain. I like sharing my blogging thoughts and everything that I am learning on this online business that's why I created this. I post everything about business on this blog domain.

Embracing Health For Life- I created this as the extention on my health blog. I get most of offers from this site. I realized that most advertsers prefer to advertise their products on site that have relevant contents. However, I dont take all offers and choose only relevant topics to post, to keep it optimized.

Celebrity Entertainment Matter- Believe it or not, I created this blog just for me and my kid's fun of celebrity gossips and entertainment news. I never expect it to have PR and make money from it. Suprisingly now making few bucks with relevant content about entertainment. Most of the content about young celebrity topics came from my daughters.

Blogger's Recollections- Another blog I created just for fun of posting my blogging thoughts. I thought my other blogs will be busy and I wont be able to post about my regular blogging thoughts so I created this blog. I also never expected this to make money but fortunately, I am now receiving offers as well for this blog. Expect relevant topics about bloging, SEO or online business on this blog.

Array Of Hopes- I will not spend money for paid domains if I am not expecting money from it.. lols.. Expect general contents but mostly about blogging or online business related topics on this blog domain.

Happy Weekend to all


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, you are doing great my friend with your commercial blogging. All the hard work and efforts you put in developing your many blogs are beginning to pay off. Keep up the good work. God bless you always.

Tey said...

Thanks Mel