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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Payperpost Clean-Up For Quality Improvement

Now I know why PPP had the PR error on my blogs. I thought it will take for a while but they finally fixed it. They did some clean up on their member's blog and I really think it's a good idea. But it stroke one of my blogs....lols They have to remove my Celebrity Entertainment Matters blog that has a PR#3, on the list of my qialified sites. They said that it doesn't meet their requirements. I was trying to figure out what makes them removed it and never stated the specific reason why. I am not very bitter about the removal of my Celebrity Entertainment Matters blog since it doesn't take much tasks from any sponsors anyway. I would probably more in pain if one of my qualified domains will be remove but fortunately, they are all still there.

I am trying my best to keep all the contents relevant to entertainment on my Celebrity Entertainment Matters blog, which causes me to take less tasks to post on it. And besides, I never really created that blog for the purpose of making money through PP but just for me and my kids fun of Celebrities. But if there is any relevant content that I can post that will give me money, I will gladly do. So I emailed PPP because I want to know the specific reason of the disqualification of my Celebrity Entertainment Matters blog, because I want to know if there is anything that I should changed to improve it's quality. If the reason of it's disqualification is for the improvement of the the overall quality of my blog, I will certainly do it NOT because I want to re-submit it to PPP ALONE, but also because of my personal purpose to maintain the quality of any of my blogs.

On the other hand, I have received more offers yesterday on all of my blogs after PPP's clean up on their member's blogs. I guess it really make sense for them to do it for the advertisers advantage because that is where our business is coming from. More power to Payperpost.

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