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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Confusing System

Yesterday when I checked the PR of sites, all are zero PR except for my Celebrity Blog and Blogger's Recollections so I posted by devastation to some of my sites. But this morning when I checked it all again, they all went back to their old PR. I checked the PR of my sites on my PPP but all where PR0 expect for my Blogger's Recollections.

It's very confusing and frustrating. Just because I blog about it, my site's PR on my PPP account will go down. The PR of my cousin's blog also went down last night but her blog's PR on her PPP account remains the same until today because she never blogged about it!!! I emailed PPP to find out the Real Google PR of my sites.

Oh well, this made me realized how much time I am spending to maintain the value of my sites and how frustrating it can be if all will go nowhere in a very short time. I guess this is the end of my experiment in blogging if ever. It's not worth investing this much time. But hold-on, I am not saying I am giving up my blogging.. That will never happen!!! lols.. I will just spend less time in blogging and the normal FUN way.


Imelda said...

Sis, PPP is having some problem with their page ranking. Yours must have been affected, too with this technical problem,which they are still currently tryng to resolve.

Tey said...

I wish it was ust their system. I thought it was resolved already.