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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy Life, So Better Luck Next Time

Sorry for not updating this as much as I used too for this week. I was so busy with my personal life but I dont regret putting it first before my blogging. First, I went to my Doctor yesterday to get the Medical certificate that I needed for my work. My performance at work was questioned due to my absentism which is not supposed to be since it was a sick leave for surgery purposes and not just a regular sick leave for fever or headache.

Then I went straight to pick up my daughter, Kimberly, from her school during their lunch break to get her prescription eye glasses. When I went home, I loaded some laundry clothes to the washing machine and hang it when I woke up that night. Then took a bath and prepare myself for work.

It was 15 minutes before I left the house when I open my PPP dashboard and found so many good tasks to grab for my blogs. But unfortunately, I have to let it all go because I dont want to be late to my work. And today, I have to bring my father to his doctor so I wasn't able to grab any task again to any of my sponsors. Oh well, better luck next time for me. I hope to be able to catch up before the end of this week to reach my target amount for the week.

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