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Saturday, September 20, 2008

PPP's Pending Post Approval

I have have 167 post taken and 145 post approved task form PPP. Which means I have 22 posts pending for approval. I wonder when will I get the approval for these posts. It's quite confusing to track down those post that I have made, that's why I am writing everything down. I have a notebook beside my computer so I can list down all the posts I have taken, everytime I submit each post from all my sponsors. I will write the date I submitted it, the amount and the Title of the post. Then I will write the date I was paid for each post everytime I receive the payment on my paypal account.

I have one post from PPP that I am not sure if I was paid but they said that their system says that I was already paid for the said post. I am still trying to figure out the payment from my paypal and it seems not there yet. I tried contacting PPP about the date they send it to my paypal so I can track it down, but it's been a couple of days and I have not received any response from PPP yet. I might reopen the ticket to remind them.

Now I have 2 rejected posts and I dont know which of my posts was that?.. The rejected post title wasn't indicated on my account. This is making everything so confusing, so I might slow down taking tasks from PPP this coming week until the number of my pending post decrease or probably if all posts were already approved.

It might be hard to resists because it is really addicting to take good and relevant content tasks to post especially on my relevant content sites. PPP has a wide range of good website to promote and review to give our readers some new products and services on the internet. I hope PPP will work on something to make their post approval faster, so those rejected posts can be immediately resubmitted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tey, wow that;s a lot of posts from PPP:) i only have one post from PPP ever,I think PPP doesn't like my blog..lol:)

Tey said...

Hi Del, I guess you have to know the time they are giving out tasks or you wont get any.

Shabem® said...

I am confused Tey because there's actually an option to edit post once it's rejected. Just click "My Post". Then, click edit and there you can make changes and I am pretty sure you can view the title and the description of the opp.

Regarding the payment: What I do is to monitor the payment dates and check my paypal the very same day once I get the confirmation it's been paid. Just to keep track! I am good with triple P-No problems so far. I don't have any pending opps, the only problem is no opp to grab at this very hour he-he. Just thought of chiming in!

Tey said...

I have no prblem with PPP as well it's just that, it's taking for them so long to approved the post