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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nobody Is An Expert

If everybody will not stop learning what's really behind the system of Google Algorithm, every blogger will have to go to Mental Hospital...lols.. Google is obviously trying to push everybody away from predicting and learning what's the next shocking move they will do on everyone's website and blogs. So, I have to say that nobody is really an expert on this matter. I dont think it is a good move to cancel your BS account just because rumors have been going around that Google is giving their members a big slap on PR because of paid links. I just don't get it!! Blogspot was bought my Google in the first place, unless I missed something here that it wasn't own my Google anymore... Was it? Common, NOBODY is an expert here!!!-- Just have fun blogging!!!---


Imelda said...

I dont care about PR as long as im enjoying with what im doing.

I used to have a PR3 but i duno for what reason it was returned to 0. But, no regrets. Im earning and enjoying, they are what matters.

Tey said...

If you are expecting some more money then you should care about PR but other than that everybody should have fun blogging with or without PR

Rolly said...

Musta. Just passing by. Thanks for dropping. What can I say to this golgol? f**k

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Pwede mo mahiram si Bacon ko para tulungan ka sa bahay pero mahal siya mocharge...,hehee

Tey said...

Hi Rolly Thanks for the visit. Sure I will vote for you. I will visit the site later on.