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Friday, July 4, 2008

Dreaming For Jamaica

Summer is here which means a lot of vacation plans and preparations. Unfortunately, our budget for this year cannot support a vacation outside Canada like we always do. But it's always included on our future plans to have a grand vacation outside Canada, soon. That's why me and hubby are working so hard to finish some of our financial woos until next year.

Hubby have a lot of Jamaican friends at work, that's why one of the places that he want to visit someday is Jamaica. It is the third largest of the Caribbean islands with so many beautiful mountain scenery and long stretches of white sand beaches. If you want plenty of sun, with a nice beach, Negril, Jamaica is the best place to go. It is known for its wonderful 7-mile beach, its rocky cliffs, its unbelievable sunsets and its all inclusive resorts, has no competition in the Caribbean. New SuperClubs Resort have a lot of great deal adult vacations packages to offer.

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