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Monday, July 28, 2008

Blogging Life's Ups and Down

I dont how should I feel. Shoud I be happy or sad or frustrated. Google pull down the PR of this blog again. I can understand that since I have been doing PP on this blog. But for my Health Blog to loose its PR made me so confuse because I seldom do PP on my health blog and whenever I do, I make sure that it's relevant to my content. However, my new sites have given me something to smile about.

Celebrity Entertainment Matters (4m)- From PR#0 to PR#3
Blogger's Recollections(less than 3m)- From PR#0 to PR#3
Embracing Health For Life (4m)- From PR#0 to PR#3
Raptured Dreams (4m)- From PR#0 to PR#2
Concealed Mind (less than 2m)- From PR#0 to PR#1
Walk Through Money Online Journal (less than 8m)- From PR#3 to PR#3
Health, Fitness, Science (10m)- From PR#2 to PR#0

And this blog from PR#3 to PR#0, then PR#2 to PR#0--- lols---. This blog will be one year old next month and it's sad to loose it's PR. But looking at the bright side, at least this can get some rest in doing PP because I have 7 blogs with good PR to do it for me. I am looking forward on getting good rank on my two new sites on the next round, Array of Hopes and Brief Sentiments. Expect more of my personal thoughts on this blog now coz this wont get much offers anymore. Have a great blogging day to all.

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