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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Medical Teaching Course Online

My weekend is over again and I will be back to work again tonight. I have been working in this company for so long now and so far, I am very happy with how the company have been paying me with all the services and hard work that I have dedicated for them. However, I must admit that money is not all the answer to complete my happiness. I still wish to do something that I really love to do.
There are so many rewarding jobs or careers that I can choose from, but the question is, which one will give me self-satisfaction? I think this consultant interview course will be very interesting. It is conducted by Oxford Medical. It has an excellent feedback and all their tutors are NHS consultants with excellent interview experience and training.

I also think that medical teaching course will be interesting since I have some background in teaching already. It is a growing field. However, you have to be a doctor yourself to know how to teach other doctors and staffs.

Medical field is one of the fast growing job and career opportunity. I would love to take medical management course as it only take 3 day course for doctors that is delivered by expert NHS clinicians and managers. But for my age, But for my age, it will be hard to focus to start a new life as big as this.

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