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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Way To Market Your Products

She is really funny. I can't believe that after raising her eyebrow everytime she hear about my beauty cosmetic business, and here she is selling beauty skin care too in a very cheap and unprofessional way. Isn't it so funny?

Starting a business is not as easy as anyone can think about. Some people thought that successful business happened overnight. It require a lot of hardwork and dedications. If you want to have money, you should continously work on it. It also require a lot of studies on how to market your products.

Oh well, let us see how and until when, she can do this business. So don't laugh or raise your eyebrow when you see someone starting a business for something that they love to do for a few bucks. For all you know, your way of starting your business may look cheaper than anyone else...

Goodluck my friend, as far as I know selling your skin care products OFF the internet will require a lot of hardwork, money, dedication and patience to make it work. There are so many competition out there and if you are selling your products to the wrong people, you better change your products to fit to your targetted market. Or perhaps, change your marketing strategies.

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Mishari Jayne said...

Hi Tey, thanks for your comment on my blog. I downloaded the movie Julie and Julia from Pirate Bay. It was a great copy and great sound, so you can definitely find it there.

Cheers Friend and happy holidays!