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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fun Night

I had fun at the party last night and I really hope everybody had their fun moments too. I just had fun and I really hope that I never stepped on anyone's ego or shoe this time, which I never intended in any way. It's just fun!!! I seldom had it because my mind is focus on more important things in life. It's Christmas and I really think it's good to share everyone's joy in their own little way.

I guess it was just someone's word that strucked me that I am always trying to be the center of attention, or should I say STAR of the party. Well, I am there to have fun and not to act like a hyprocrite!!! We sometime have to act like a child!! hehehhehe!!!

Everybody have different personality and it just happen that, this is who I am!! But I really think that everybody had their fun moments and if someone didn't, well it's not my problem anymore!!


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, there's nothing wrong with having fun especially if it's during a Christmas party. You deserve to be happy and to enjoy clean fun without your enjoyment being marred by what others may think. Just don't look over your shoulders and you can enjoy more fun. Merry Christmas to you all. God bless you all always.

vicy said...

Hello Tey..Thats good you enjoyed the party. I am here today to visit you and wanna say Have a Merry Christmas and A Fruitful New Year..God Bless!!

By the way, I am your follower now